Where KinergyPower Comes From

When a car is being operated, not all the energy generated from the fuel it uses goes to running the car. In fact, some energy is used and other energy is lost. Idling, braking, and accessories (i.e., radios, heaters, etc) all require some amount of the vehicle’s energy.

When a vehicle is in operation, the energy that it uses is expended as follows:

62.4% is used to propel the vehicle
17.2% is used in idling or standing by
5.8% goes to braking
5.6% Driveline losses (ie., engine lubrication, etc)
4.2% Rolling resistance
2.6% Aerodynamic Resistance due to the design of the vehicle
2.2% from Accessory use within the vehicle

Source: www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/atv.shtml

KinergyPower harvests its energy from rolling resistance, and the deceleration and braking processes.