Application & Uses

KinergyPower has exponential applications and uses.

Wherever there is motion, there is potential for KinergyPower. Trucks, automobiles, trains, airplanes and even people all generate some level of kinetic energy. The heavier and more consistent the traffic, the greater the amount of KinergyPower energy produced. Our technology is the key to capturing and harvesting this energy in an efficient and economical way.

KinergyPower’s products currently focus on applications where vehicle traffic such as trucks, buses and cars normally slows down. Our technology will slow the vehicle/train down reducing the need to brake, simultaneously capturing the energy that would otherwise be lost through braking and weight displacement.

  • KinergyPower – Distributed Energy Resource (DER)
  • KinergyPower can be used as a form of DER.
  • KinergyPower systems are typically a decentralized power source and can easily be used closer to the load source.
  • Lower transmission loses
  • Cost comparative to other energy sources and in many site cases grid parity with levelized cost (site based)
  • Automated operation
  • Higher efficiencies & sustainability
  • Micro grid capable on or off grid
  • Emits no pollutants
  • Generates no hazardous waste
  • Burns no fuel
  • Uses no water
  • Harvests energy day in and day out regardless of the weather
  • Private and Public Sectors (P3)-Transportation, Manufacturing, Industrial, Logistics, Distribution.
  • Ability to generate 100s kw > 10MW+ (site based)