KinergyPower derived from the vision and commitment of Stefanos and Dimitri Horianopolis.

KinergyPower International and KinergyPower USA are private companies that were formed with the intent of inventing, producing and distributing green and clean energy products that harvest the kinetic energy from the world around us.

KinergyPower’s goal is to improve the world from the effects of global warming for the benefit of future generations.



Global Energy Demand/Emissions

The demand for energy globally will continue to increase over the next few decades. The annual World Energy Report forecasts that the demand will increase to levels close to 37%. The supply from all sources will not be able to meet energy needs of the global market.

Global warming from emissions will continue to be problematic as the use of fossil fuels in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the US continue to increase.


The adoption and deployment of renewable and alternative energy sources such as KinergyPower are vital in order to address the myriad of issues the world faces from global warming and emissions. With the rapid deployment of renewable, alternative energy and energy efficiencies additional benefits come in the forms of energy security, socio economic and climate change reduction.

The global renewable and alternative energy market is a multi-trillion dollar marketplace and the need for distributed energy will become an increasing factor in addressing the demand-supply-usage, efficiency and climate change matters.